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Synth DIY: Regarding Panels

Originally, I never intended for the whole synth module business to become what it is now - it was merely a way by which I could unload my old/unwanted prototype modules to people who may make use of them and earn a few extra quid in the process.

I lack the tools and the inclination to work with metal, so my panels were made of 3mm birch plywood and hand-cut/hand-drilled. Shortly after that, I found a local company that could laser-cut the panels for a sensible cost and I went down that route, still doing the drilling and such by hand. Panels, it would seem, are an intensely personal thing - I quite like the look of wood, but I can understand that for a lot of people it may not fit with the 'look' of their rig. And that's fine by me. Add in the fact that you can get short-run laser cutting done for not very much in the material of your choice (aluminium, acrylic, cheese ... you name it) and letting people roll their own seems like the sensible thing to do.

The past few sales I've made have all been modules without panels - some people wanted to provide their own, and some folks wanted to mount the bigger modules in their own standalone enclosures. As a result of this, I have decided to make panel layout files available for all of my current modules - dimensions and so forth are generated from the KiCad/EAGLE files and run through Schaeffer's Front Panel Designer software. From here, they're available in three formats:

The main caveat is: these files are automatically generated - unless stated they haven't been tested by me, as I still cut my own panels for personal use. It is up to you to sanity check them prior to fabrication, whether via a 1:1 printout or whatever means you feel comfortable with. The files are provided as-is and can be considered public domain - if you want to modify them, go ahead and do so.

You'll find a listing of all available files right here

TL;DR - the panel files are there for those who want them. Use them at your own risk.

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