Sound samples

A bunch of recordings of various modules in action - no claims of musicality are made, and some of them are downright noisy, as the main aim is to give an impression of what a given module sounds like.

Signal paths are kept as simple as possible - this means that little or no post-processing is carried out other than fade-in/fade-out

69er.mp369er CMOS resonant filter
4024-drone.mp3Drone piece created with 4024
4024-sequence.mp3Sequenced piece with 4024
4024.mp3Another 4024 sequence
cgs52.mp3The Ken Stone CGS-52 wavefolder
cwg.mp3Confusing Waveform Generator sequence
cwg2.mp3Confusing Waveform Generator drones with echo
drone-monster.mp3Drone Monster + LPF
freaq2.mp3The FREAQ filter
happy-accident-sequence.mp3Happy Accident piece 1
happy-accident.mp3Happy Accident piece 2
optothing-sawtooth.mp3Optothing demo
psnoise.mp3White noise demo
resonant-bp.mp3Resonant BPF demo
resonant-hp.mp3Resonant HPF demo
resonant-lp.mp3Resonant LPF demo
sh_filter_mod.mp3Sample and Hold filter modulation
sh_random_cv.mp3Sample and Hold random sequence
sotd-echo.mp3SotD echo demo
xfdr-demo.mp3XFDR fading between two signals
xo106-longdrone.mp3XO106 drone piece
xo106-percussion.mp3XO106 percussion demo